Authors guidelines

Guidelines for Authors

The Journal of Science and Technology Research (JSTR) welcomes submissions of original research articles, review papers, and technical notes in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and related disciplines. To ensure a smooth and efficient review process, authors are requested to follow these guidelines:

Manuscript Preparation

  1. Language: Manuscripts should be written in clear and concise English.
  2. Format: Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format, following the journal's template available on the website.
  3. Structure: Manuscripts should include the following sections: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, and References.
  4. References: References should be formatted according to the IEEE reference style, which uses numbered citations in square brackets, e.g [1]
  5. Figures and Tables: All figures and tables should be numbered consecutively and included in the manuscript file. Ensure that they are of high quality and legible.
  6. Units and Abbreviations: Use standard international units and abbreviations consistently throughout the manuscript.

Submission Process

  1. Cover Letter: Authors should include a cover letter stating the significance of their work, its novelty, and its relevance to the journal's scope.
  2. Online Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal's online submission system, accessible from the NJSTR website.
  3. Author Information: Authors should provide their full names, affiliations, email addresses, and ORCID iDs (if available).
  4. Co-author Approval: All co-authors must approve the final version of the manuscript before submission.
  5. Ethical Compliance: Authors must ensure that their research complies with ethical standards and guidelines, including those related to human or animal subjects, if applicable.
  6. Plagiarism and Originality: Manuscripts should be original and free from plagiarism. Authors must disclose if any portion of the manuscript has been generated or assisted by AI language models or automated writing tools.

Review Process

  1. Peer Review: All submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind peer review process by at least two independent experts in the relevant field.
  2. Revisions: Authors may be requested to revise their manuscripts based on the reviewers' comments and suggestions.
  3. Acceptance and Publication: Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors will be required to transfer the copyright to JSTR and follow the journal's publication guidelines.