IoT Device Security, Privacy, and Risks in Smart City Environments


  • Omosigho O. Moses and Ehizuenlen E. Prudence



The rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart cities has opened up unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and creativity in urban cities. But the incorporation of these gadgets into urban infrastructure raises significant concerns regarding security, privacy, and associated risks. This paper examines the vulnerabilities inherent in IoT devices, including insufficient authentication mechanisms, susceptibility to malware attacks, and the potential for unauthorized access. It investigates how these flaws could be exploited to compromise the security and veracity of data gathered by IoT devices, endangering public safety as well as vital infrastructure. This study also examines how IoT adoption affects privacy in smart cities and offers solutions for preserving people's right to privacy within an IoT smart city ecosystem. This paper advocates for a multi-disciplinary approach that includes policymakers, technology developers and researchers, to reduce risks, safeguard individual rights and build trust in the ever-changing landscape of city IoT deployments




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Omosigho O. Moses and Ehizuenlen E. Prudence. (2024). IoT Device Security, Privacy, and Risks in Smart City Environments. Journal of Energy Technology and Environment, 6(2), 135–147.