Exploring Carbon Neutrality Strategies and Challenges in Manufacturing Supply Chains: A Mixed-Methods Approach


  • Afeez Ajibola Fasasi Ladoke Akintola University of Technology




Carbon Neutrality, Supply Chain Management, Challenges, Strategies, Sustainability, Communication


The objective of manufacturing supply chains achieving carbon neutrality requires in-depth knowledge as well as practical solutions to challenges and the adoption of sustainable practices. This study investigates the challenges and strategies related to carbon neutrality projects using a mixed-methods methodology that integrates expert interviews and survey questionnaires. The approach to carbon neutrality is hindered by issues like lack of visibility, overreliance on data, and high upfront costs.  However, effective communication, collaboration, and extensive carbon management techniques to overcome these challenges are required. The study emphasises the value of establishing alliances, funding sustainability education, and pushing for regulatory compliance to effectively navigate evolving government regulations. Embracing green innovation and technologies also presents chances to lower emissions and improve sustainability through the supply chain. Stakeholders may help mitigate climate change and promote environmental stewardship in the manufacturing sector by emphasizing sustainability. This study offers practical insights and recommendations to help stakeholders navigate the challenges of achieving carbon neutrality and establish opportunities for a more sustainable future. By collaborating and implementing strategic initiatives, stakeholders can accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality and promote a more resilient and environmentally friendly global economy.




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Fasasi, A. A. (2024). Exploring Carbon Neutrality Strategies and Challenges in Manufacturing Supply Chains: A Mixed-Methods Approach. Journal of Energy Technology and Environment, 6(2), 55 67. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.11408126