Enhancing Infrastructure Resilience with Non-Destructive Evaluation: GPR and IE Integration for Delamination Detection


  • M.O Fasasi


This investigation explores the effectiveness of Ground
Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Impact Echo (IE) techniques in
identifying delamination defects in a concrete drop panel,
crucial components of infrastructure projects. Delamination, a
prevalent problem in concrete structures resulting from cracks
caused by corrosion, presents considerable hazards to both
public safety and structural integrity. Conventional techniques
for detecting delamination, like destructive testing and visual
inspection, are expensive and time-consuming. Consequently,
promising substitutes include non-destructive assessment
(NDE) methods like GPR and IE. The study conducted field
investigations using GPR and IE at the Madinat Al-Mawater
Teyseer Service Centre in Doha, Qatar. GPR offered data
regarding subsurface conditions and reinforcement spacing,
whereas IE precisely measured slab thickness and identified
delamination issues. The results showed that IE and GPR are
useful for detecting delamination and providing accurate
information for maintenance and repair decisions. The
significance of routine inspections utilising cutting-edge NDE
technology to identify delamination early and ensure structural
integrity and public safety was highlighted by key findings. The
investigation proposes a strengthening scheme to enhance
structural capacity and prolong service life. Among the
recommendations were to advance NDE technology for
delamination detection, integrate GPR and IE into routine
concrete structure inspection procedures, and optimise
interpretation techniques through research and training.
Conclusively, the integration of GPR and IE signifies a
significant advancement in non-destructive evaluation (NDE)
methodologies, offering essential decisions regarding structure
integrity and subsurface conditions without invasive methods.
By utilizing these techniques, infrastructure managers can
prevent delamination-induced deterioration, streamline
maintenance processes, and preserve public infrastructure for
future generations.




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